No doubt there are so many facial skincare products available in the market, but not all can be used and applied on your skin as it may even harm your skin adversely. You need to choose your facial skincare product according to the type of your skin. You must first identify which type of skin you have, is it oily or is it dry and then based on some more parameters you can choose the best facial skincare product for yourself. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime.

For sensitive skin it is advised to use arozia care sensitive skin products only, sensitive skin is more hard to maintain as compared to normal skin type. It is also to mention that people with sensitive skin should only use fragrance free products on their skin as it will avoid redness and itching on the skin.

No doubt all the products of Arozia care are 100% safe and secure still we would want you to first consult your doctor before applying those products on baby skin.

People with extremely sensitive skin or people with past problems related to skin must surely double check before using any of the products. To check if the product will suit your skin type or not simply apply the product underneath your jawline or inside of your arm, allow the product to firstly get absorbed and then leave it for almost 24 hours, if it does not cause any reaction on your skin it is safe to use otherwise we would advise you to look onto another product as per the doctor’s advice.

Within 21 days of starting your customized skin regimen of Arozia care you will start seeing the results, it is expected that the skin cells take almost 28 days to renew as the treatment reprograms your cells you will slowly start seeing the results.

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