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Fulfilling the dream of attaining mesmerizing beauty.

      Derma PCD Franchise in India

      Arozia Care derma pcd franchise gives its sole focus on dermatology. Arozia Care is a comprehensive dermatology/cosmetology catering product. We have more than 150 dermatic products covering all types such as anti-Acne, anti-allergic products, antibiotics, cream and salads, cleaners, face cleaners, facial washers, gel products, soap systems, shampoo products, tablets. We are India’s best franchise Derma products business.

      Arozia Care is committed to the dermatology of diverse dermatology conditions such as Acne, Eczema, Contact Dermatitis, insect dicking, Fungal infection, Sun Burn, Hair loss, Vitilogy, Melasma, Psoriasis. Skin is the biggest body in the body covering and protecting everything else. We, therefore, produce a wide variety of products from Derma.


      Arozia Care is renowned for its innovative formulations and product availability. Now, through strategic alliances, you hit the markets.

      We have a well-developed R&D unit to keep us up to date with the latest development in the industry.

      Arozia Care derma franchise stands for confidence and confidence in the word Quality. The work of our colleagues and all our values are rooted in inconsistency.

      In partnership with volunteer and community organizations, we promote environmental activities. We advocate initiatives for energy conservation and help achieve global sustainability.


      derma products manufacturer



      Influences cell – cycle progression, cellular differentiation, cell survival and apoptosis through its efficiently remarkable properties and eventually aiding in healing the face acnes.




      To effectively deal with various skin problems this is a very efficient product, this is used typically as an anti – inflammatory agent as well.




      The medicine is highly effective for various skin and soft tissue infections, this is a great alternative therapy to impetigo and bullous impetigo in adults




      This is beneficial in onychomycosis and the nail plate is invaded in the organism, it reduces the erythema, itching and hypopigmentation.


      Test 1

      Great products, highly recommended. The franchise option is really great……Would like to thank your for your efforts and products.


      Sumit Goyal

      test 2

      Great products, highly recommended. The franchise option is really great……Would like to thank your for your efforts and products.


      Alka Aggarwal


      Services that separate Aroziacare from other derma franchise companies

      On Time Delivery

      The products you will order from us will be dispatched to as soon as you order them.

      Secure Payment

      We believe in fully safe and secure payment, we know that customers today are all aware of the payments modes and hence we strive constantly to make sure that the payments mode is completely safe and secure that our customers could rely on our services.

      General Care

      It is very important to maintain your general care as well along with physical and mental wellbeing, Arozia care does that general care for you, take care of yourself with derma company, Arozia care.

      Franchise Opportunity

      We at Arozia Care provide franchise opportunities to everyone, if you want to open up our franchise you can reach us out anytime.

      PCD Franchise

      We at Arozia follow the franchise methods of the PCD franchise, the rights to use our products are given by us.

      24/7 Support

      We work on providing 24/7 customer support to our users and customers. We try our best not to leave any single opportunity to amaze our customers with our brilliant services. If you need any help regarding anything we will be able at your service 24/7.

      Derma Care Product Manufacture

      The derma pharma franchise company we run is fully ISO certified, the products are fully reliable and provide genuine opportunities for dermatological companies.

      On time Product Delivery

      We know waiting for something opens up our anxiety buds, that is why we provide on - time product delivery to our customers, we dont keep our customers waiting and you will receive your products at the exact time.

      Why should you choose us as your derma franchise company?

      20 Years Of Dermatology Experience

      We at Arozia are having 20+ years of experience in the dermatology department. Our products hence are totally reliable and are used by people all over. The experience we have has made us stand separately from our competitors, we have improved our services based on our experiences to a great extent.

      3 Clinical Dermatology Research

      We are proud to inform all our readers that we have made our products based specifically on 3 brief clinical dermatological researches. Hence our products are 100% reliable and trustworthy. You can totally believe our products for a better change to your skin.

      Fullfilling the Dreams of Attaining

      Mesmerizing Beauty

      We at Arozia care derma company have been constantly serving various people all around, we are more than happy to let our readers know that we have got a long list of overly satisfied customers which boosts our confidence. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should be choosing us.

      A Leader In Dermatologic Care

      Arozia care is a proud dermatologic care leader for years, it has been serving the clients worldwide for several years. This makes us highly efficient in our services, we daily try to keep up the competitors outside so that our customers don’t have to go anywhere else. We have been striving hard to maintain our position as a top dermatologic care leader.

      Skilled, experienced medical providers

      We only work and hire skilled and experienced medical providers. We know our customers have blind faith over us and so we try to maintain that faith always.


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